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YingZhuo tells you how to choose swimsuits according to your body shape?

Author:Zhongshan Enjoy Apparel Co., Ltd.中山市英卓服饰有限公司 Click: Time:2020-03-21 01:43:50

YingZhuo tells you how to choose swimsuits according to your body shape?

Nowadays, swimwear brands are fashioning swimwear to meet the needs of wearing form. The new style of swimwear, sports function as a secondary consideration, to show style as the main purpose. Different combinations of accessories of the same design and color, chiffon cover yarn, salon trousers and so on can change many styles and make swimwear as sexy as fashion.

However, the close fitting swimsuit is easy to expose the shortcomings of the body, and the thick waist and fat hips will appear in front of people without reservation, which is easy to be ashamed. Therefore, fashionable women should know how to choose swimsuits by taking advantage of their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses. By choosing the right swimsuits, they can not only modify their shortcomings, but also improve their lines and regain their confidence.

Chest too small: pleats + bright colors

For women with small and flat breasts, if you want to make their breasts look fuller, you must choose some swimsuit styles with pleats on the front, because the pleats with three-dimensional sense can make their breasts look fuller. If you want to have a more significant effect, you can choose bright colors such as pink and yellow to set off the white skin color and make the lines more prominent.

Oversized chest: one piece + horizontal pattern

For a woman with a full chest, she always feels uncomfortable in a swimsuit and is often afraid of going out. May as well consider the one-piece swimsuit, which can not only lengthen the body line, but also reduce the chance of walking light. And the horizontal pattern can make the fuller bust appear more flat, and the combination of the two can make the lines more even and natural.

Waist too thick: different colors of upper and lower body

For women with thick waist and lack of line, no matter what kind of swimsuit they wear, they only need to know how to match the color to play the role of narrowing the waist line. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite

Little man: bikini + plain

Don't think that tall people look good in bikini. In fact, for short women, bikini can highlight the beauty of lines and make the waist and legs look more slender. However, in terms of color, we should mainly focus on plain color, and try to avoid choosing bright colors and exaggerated patterns. Although such eye-catching styles can make the body appear Fuller, they can't make the body appear slim.

Legs too thick: high split

For women with strong legs like players, it is advisable to wear some swimsuits with high fork cut. Although the legs will be fully exposed in this way, it will make the legs appear longer and more beautiful visually.

Bottom: flat foot, short skirt + exaggerated pattern

If your hips are plump, you should choose a swimsuit with flat feet or short skirts. If you have exaggerated patterns on your upper body, you can effectively cover your plump hips. Because the exaggerated pattern can shift the vision, while the shorts or skirts can effectively cover the full hips and play a decorative effect.


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